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The Story
in a Shell

identità aziendale

I vividly remember that makeshift market in an unknown small harbor: everything was sun, sea, light, the acrid smell of salt and sweat, the lapping of the waves, and the cries of seagulls.


A child in search of toys, I wandered curiously among the empty crates used by fishermen as minimal stalls. I knew nothing of the world, yet I could feel on my skin, as if it were part of the air itself, the dignity of those men who sold shells as if they were jewels. And they truly were! Not just in my childish eyes, because each shell was a mystery of precision and functionality. Nature accomplishes works that man often tries to imitate in their perfection.

One, in particular, caught my attention: it was long and slender, with very fine grooves measuring ever-smaller circumferences down to the tip, almost more imagined than seen.
Turning and turning, the shell had formed increasingly thinner as if it had come off a lathe.
My gaze followed the turning like a road to be traveled, and I remained long fascinated, motionless before that creature that had come for me, from who knows where.
The fisherman, intrigued by my attention and guessing in my child’s eyes the discovery of Paradises, suddenly found and recognized, wanted to give it to me.

I immediately felt it was “mine”, as if it encapsulated the meaning of a whole life: the effort of growing up, the precision of passing time, the momentum towards the ideal, the timeliness of knowledge, of competence, the value of hard work.

Indeed, that shell has become the symbol of my adult work: using natural materials with skill to extract everyday objects that serve as a bridge between the real and the imagined; interpreting tradition in a new and versatile way; seeking precise and ambitious details with elegant style and meticulous care.

At that moment, now distant, I realized that carefreeness was giving way to the determination of a man who wants to realize a dream.

–  Sandro Paradisi –


F.J.B. Fabbrica Jesina Bulloneria, founded by Alberto Longhi and Antonio Paradisi, begins producing turned components for agricultural machinery.
FJB merges with Sauro Mancini’s IMA, giving rise to M.G. Meccanica Generale Spa.
Two new artisan companies emerge from M.G.
Paradisi srl is established by Sandro and Tiziana, Antonio’s children, merging the two artisan firms.
Antonio, the company’s founder, passes away.
The company moves to its current location in Via G. Di Vittorio, Jesi, covering about 1,500 sqm, and begins production for the domestic appliance sector.
ISO 9001 certification for quality management processes. The production area expands to 3,500sqm.
OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational health and safety management processes. The production area expands to 5,000 sqm.
The international crisis leads to a 35% drop in turnover; Paradisi responds with significant investments to diversify production.
ISO TS 16949 certification for the automotive process production.
Site registration according to EMAS directive.

Recovery of the turnover loss occurred in 2009.

Technological park update is completed with the replacement of over 30 machines in just 4 years.

Improvement projects according to “lean thinking” principles.

Development of the first integrated report for the 2015 fiscal year. Social object modification to qualify as a Benefit company. Achievement of B Corp certification.
The production area expands to 6,000sqm. IATF 16949 certification for automotive sector quality management. Introduction of the first CNC multi-spindle lathe: MSW8x26. Start of the digitalization process and remote production monitoring.
Sandro, partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, passes away. New company governance is established. The “Sandro Paradisi” Association is founded. ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety management processes.
The first strategic corporate plan for 2021-2023 is drafted.

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