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Sandro Paradisi

The legacy of Sandro Paradisi

The “Cultural and Social Association among Paradisi Srl’s employees – Sandro Paradisi Association” was founded in 2020, in memory of our prematurely deceased President.

The entity is exclusively aimed at social, recreational, and cultural purposes, with no intent for profit.

With the establishment of this association, the Paradisi family donated 1% of the shares to the employees, highlighting the strong bond and affection that have consolidated over the years.

Respect, gratification, and training of collaborators have always been core values for Paradisi, a company that has never limited itself to a sterile pursuit of profit.

Motivated personnel, helped to improve themselves through individual growth, become protagonists of corporate life and contribute to its progress.

For this reason, the statute includes the organization of socio-economic events, to enhance corporate culture, as well as to provide scholarships to support the education of the associates’ children and grandchildren.

The Association also aims to foster socialization and cohesion among the members and their families during their leisure time, organizing trips and cultural events. The environment and the territory are at the heart of the planned activities, enhancing dialogue with local communities, also through donations to local non-profits and the organization of events involving various business partners.

"Doing well is not just about making good parts, but also, and above all, about being well in the company."

Sandro Paradisi

Getting to know each other better

We place great importance on relationships, which is why we are always open to dialogue and available for new projects.
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