Amco laboris nisi ut


We aim to live in a safe, clean, and peaceful environment.

We are constantly committed, from a long-term perspective, to minimize the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment as much as possible, to prevent and manage pollution situations, continuously monitoring and improving methodologies for energy saving and recycling.

Environmental Declaration

Paradisi has chosen to adhere to the Community Regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS), having already implemented an environmental management system (EMS) according to the prescriptions contained in the standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, to promote a sensitive, attentive, and proactive attitude towards environmental issues and to sensitize all personnel.

100% Renewable Energies

A significant turn towards environmental sustainability. Paradisi exclusively uses energy produced from renewable resources for its industrial activities. The certifications, besides demonstrating the commitment to the environment and ecology of producers and users of Green Energy, contribute to creating a virtuous market system that encourages the production of energy from renewable sources.


The certifications of our quality, environmental, and safety management system by accredited external entities have allowed us to achieve excellence levels, demonstrating the value of our commitment to quality, the surrounding environment, the health, and safety of our collaborators.

Getting to know each other better

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