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We Are a B Corp

B Corps are companies that together form a global movement aimed at spreading a more evolved business paradigm. Certified B Corps around the world stand out in the market because they go beyond the goal of profit and continuously innovate to maximize their positive impact on employees, the communities in which they operate, the environment, and all stakeholders.


Since 2015, Paradisi has chosen to supplement its mandatory financial reporting with an integrated report (following the GRI guidelines) to account for our actions to stakeholders. Our aspiration to satisfy customers, a central point of all our activities, has never made us forget that economic-financial performances alone are not and will not be enough to increase our market share. Our love for our territory, “la Vallesina,” the strong bond with artisan tradition, direct contact with employees, collaborators, and suppliers, make us proud to present the performance results achieved and the added value created for the reference community.

What are B Corps?


The B Corp certification and the legal status of Benefit Corporation are two different, albeit complementary, concepts. The legal status of Benefit Corporation, introduced in Italy in 2016, allows companies that adopt it to include the creation of value for all stakeholders within their social object, thus formalizing a Purpose that goes beyond mere profit and the company’s commitment to pursuing common good objectives. Benefit Corporations are, therefore, “double purpose” companies in every effect.
In September 2016, Paradisi transformed into a Benefit Corporation under article 1, paragraphs 376 to 382, Law no. 208/2015.

The B Corp

The B Corporation (or B Corp) certification is issued by B Lab, a non-profit American organization, following the achievement of a high score in measuring its impact and guarantees that the company operates according to the highest standards of social and environmental performance.
A B Corp is a new type of company that voluntarily meets the highest standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency and incorporates its commitment to Stakeholders in its statutory documents.
In this way, business becomes a regenerative force for society.
Paradisi obtained the “B Corporation” certification in December 2016, verified through a comprehensive impact assessment.

B Impact Score

To certify as a B Corp, a company must achieve a minimum verified score of 80 points in the B Impact Assessment. The B Impact Assessment asks how a company’s day-to-day operations create a positive impact for workers, the community, and the environment. Additionally, companies can earn extra points if they can demonstrate that their overall business model also creates a positive social and environmental impact, qualifying the company for specific Impact Business Model points.
Scores for B certified companies are verified by the non-profit B Lab.

To Be

Being a Benefit means pursuing two ideally contrasting objectives: profit and common benefit; the former is satisfied through adequate remuneration of the partners, the latter requires sustainable development of the territory and the environment.
Development is sustainable if it meets the needs of one subject without compromising the ability of another subject or future generations to fully meet their own.
The economic results we have achieved over the years teach us that profit and common benefit are two sides of the same coin; there is indeed a multidimensional exchange relationship between the company and the environment, creating a state of interdependence, the company on one side is subjected to pressures and stimulated by the environment, on the other, it impacts the positive or negative conditions of the environment itself maintaining the power to determine its improvement or worsening.
Transparency is one of Paradisi’s values and according to this principle, in addition to the management report, the common benefit report is drafted and attached to the financial statements.

The Benefit Manifesto

“The company aims to achieve and maintain the ‘dynamic equilibrium’ that allows for fair remuneration of stakeholders and partners, fostering continuous improvement and the sustainable development of the territory.

As a Benefit Corporation, the company intends to pursue, beyond profit, common benefit goals and to operate in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories, the environment, cultural and social goods and activities, entities, associations, and other stakeholders. (…)

In carrying out its activities, the company pursues specific common benefit purposes that promote the dissemination of a responsible and sustainable corporate culture, to facilitate economic and social growth across the entire territory and community.

In particular: the care and motivation of personnel through the recognition of awards and training; the predominant use of renewable energies in production activities; the promotion of training on sustainability themes, also through partnerships with public and private educational institutions; the promotion of technical training, also through partnerships with public and private educational institutions; investment in technological innovation through the acquisition of technical equipment and the training of personnel and collaborators; support for local entrepreneurship, also by selecting, where possible, strategic suppliers from the reference territory that respect principles of sustainability.

The dissemination of a responsible, sustainable, and transparent corporate culture can also occur through collaboration with other public or private companies, professionals, entities, and institutions, as well as through the organization of seminars, meetings, events in general, and the publication and distribution of informational materials.”

(Article 3 – Paradisi Srl Corporate Charter – shareholder meeting on September 27, 2016)

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In carrying out our activities, we pursue specific common benefit objectives that promote the dissemination of a responsible and sustainable corporate culture, to facilitate economic and social growth across the entire territory and community through the predominant use of renewable energies in our production activities.

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