Integrated reporting

Integrated Reporting

The integrated report of a benefit company

Since 2015, Paradisi has aimed to combine the desire to narrate the activities carried out during the year that have contributed to distributing value in the territory, with the obligation to prepare the financial report, committing to annually draft an “Integrated Report”. Starting from 2020, we draft the Integrated Report according to “ESG” criteria, as the company’s strategy, founded on a strong sense of social responsibility, perfectly embodies the Environment, Social, and Governance objectives.

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Integrated Reporting 2022

Metals, precious

Integrated Reporting 2021

Everywhere, the whole

Integrated Reporting 2020


Integrated Reporting 2019

In balance in space

Integrated Reporting 2018

Econumanity. The search for balance

Integrated Reporting 2017

Three companies, Enrico Mattei, and the global vision

Integrated Reporting 2016

A virtuous network for the future

Integrated Reporting 2015

ToBe Balances and dynamics of being a Benefit

We are a B Corp

B Corps are companies that together form a global movement aimed at spreading a more evolved business paradigm by going beyond the profit objective and continually innovating to maximize their positive impact towards employees, the communities they operate in, the environment, and all stakeholders.

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