Ethical Code
Amco laboris nisi ut

Ethical Code

Through its Ethical Code, Paradisi S.r.l. aims to reaffirm its adherence to the highest ethical standards in which it believes and identifies.


The motivation and professionalism of employees are essential factors for maintaining competitiveness, creating value for stakeholders, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Company is committed to fair treatment in reciprocal relationships and to applying a commitment policy based on equal opportunities (for training, mobility, or internal promotion) for all employees, on dialogue, on listening to any needs and requirements of each individual to create a pleasant and motivating work environment, based on mutual trust and respect, an atmosphere that encourages frank and loyal exchange of opinions and thus promotes personal well-being.


The customer is at the pinnacle of Paradisi S.r.l.’s values, the ultimate goal of all corporate work. Professional growth, technological development aimed at achieving maximum precision, continuous improvement, and attention to quality and detail: everything is done with the purpose of fully satisfying customer needs, aligning with the quality targets required and exceeding their expectations. Loyal customers are proof of how the Company has been able, over the years, to achieve its goal, which is to meet customer needs by offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Paradisi S.r.l. is constantly committed to identifying and controlling the environmental impact of its activities, going beyond the requirements of the norms, in order to prevent and manage pollution situations, continuously monitoring and improving methods for energy saving and recycling. (…) Furthermore, the Company exclusively uses energy produced from renewable resources for its industrial activities. The supply of 100% green energy is certified by the supplier Confindustria Energia and is guaranteed through G.O. (Guarantee of Origin) certificates. The certifications, besides demonstrating a commitment to the environment and ecology, contribute to creating a virtuous market system that encourages the production of energy from renewable sources.

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A value, by definition, is a principle shared by all members of an organization. Values constitute an ethical, cultural, and professional heritage of a company, characterize its identity, and form the fundamental guidelines of the company’s actions.

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