Identità (ing)


Dynamic Balance

Dynamism and a forward-looking perspective, step by step, in a constant balance between the Company, People, and Territory. Dynamic balance is our identity, the continual search for this balance has become our vision.

Integrated Reporting

Since 2015, Paradisi has decided to supplement the mandatory financial reporting with an integrated report (following the GRI guidelines) to account for our operations to stakeholders. The aspiration to satisfy the customer, a focal point of all our activities, has never made us forget that economic-financial performance alone is not and will not be enough to increase our market share. Our love for our territory, “la Vallesina”, the strong bond with traditional craftsmanship, direct contact with employees, collaborators, and suppliers, makes us proud to present the performance results achieved and the added value created for the community.

The Story in a Shell

Like a shell, in nature, has a shape that seems generated by rotating around an axis in a continuous evolution of perfect spirals, the concept of dynamic balance is based on an uninterrupted transformation made of stability and movement, power and firmness but also momentum towards innovation and the challenge of the new that spurs continuous search for improvement.

Sandro Paradisi Association

In 2020, in memory of our prematurely departed President, the “Cultural and Social Association among Paradisi Srl’s employees – Sandro Paradisi Association” was founded with exclusively social, recreational, and cultural purposes, to add even more value to relationships between people. This is the legacy of Sandro Paradisi.

Getting to know each other better

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